Old Barracks in Crinkill Co Offaly

Calling all history and archaeology lovers! Are you looking for somewhere unique to explore on your next day off? Or do you just love historical sites and imagining them in their past glory? Either way, make sure you visit the famous Crinkill Barracks on your next day off! This barracks was built by the Earl of Rosse around 1812 and became an important site for the Royal Leinster Regiment who were stationed there.

Where can I visit an abandoned army barracks in Ireland?

Since Ireland gained became an independent country in the 1920s, it had little use for the many British Army barracks throughout the country. Many of these were utilised as either Irish Army facilities or were left to ruin. One of the finest examples of this is Crinkill Barracks in Co Offaly.

The barracks was built mainly because of their proximity to the River Shannon, and British Officials recognised this importance. The barracks had a runway built in its later years, however, it was the scene of a famous plane crash in 1919. It had been taken over by the Irish Army after independence, and since then many parts of the original site have been demolished. So, if exploring this interesting site sounds interesting to you, then make sure to visit Crinkill Barracks on your next day off!

  • Free admission.
  • Perfect for families.
  • Suitable for most beginner hikers or walkers.

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