Visit the Unique Site of the Kinnity Pyramid in Co Offaly

Calling all lovers of history and the weird and wonderful! Are you looking to do something highly unique on your next day off? Well then, do we have a place for you! Make sure you visit the village of Kinnity on your next day off! More specifically, make sure you visit the Kinnity Pyramid. The village itself is full of history, with a castle, river and other amenities located inside of it.

Where can I visit interesting sites in Ireland?

Thankfully, Ireland is full of different interesting sites. From Castles, Beaches and Ruins to beautiful architecture. One of the most unique sites though is the Kinnity Pyramid in Co Offaly.

After the plantations in Offaly, the village had been taken over by the Bernard family, who had huge influence in the area. After a tour of Egypt by one of the members of the Bernard family, they commissioned an exact replica of the Egyptian pyramid Cheop to be built in the village. This pyramid now houses 6 members of the Bernard family and is an excellent site to marvel at, especially when it is located in a small village in the midlands of Ireland!

  • Free to view.
  • Perfect for families.
  • Brilliant for photographers.

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