Visit the ‘Welsh Roswell’ – the Site of Alleged UFO Sightings in the Berwyn Mountains

Ever wanted to see a UFO? One of Britain’s greatest UFO riddles started in the Berwyn Mountains after the alleged ‘close encounter’. The Government is said to have covered up 1974’s event in North Wales, where scores of residents reported a massive tremor, strange lights in the sky and secret-service-style ‘men in black’ scouring the area. It has been dubbed the ‘Welsh Roswell’ after the famous U.S. case in which aliens were allegedly found by authorities in New Mexico.

Where are the Berwyn Mountains?

The Berwyn Mountains are a range of mountains situated near to the England and Wales border. They are a beautiful, unspoilt and relatively unknown area of upland situated in the north-east region of Wales. The area offers some great walking opportunities and the far south-west region is rarely touched even though it is partly enclosed within the great Snowdonia National Park.

UFO believers claimed aliens crash-landed in the Berwyn Mountains and their bodies were transported by the MoD to top-secret Wiltshire research base Porton Down. ‘What people have seen and reported simply could not be made up.’ Retired North Wales Police Assistant Chief Constable Elfed Roberts, who was a sergeant at the time of the UFO incident, was rushing to Llandrillo moments after the tremor with his superior when they saw the mysterious lights. He said: ‘As we were driving, all of a sudden we saw this green light in the sky ahead of us and it seemed to be an arcing light, but it was very sudden, totally unexpected, different to anything ever seen before.’

  • Took place in 1974
  • Craft supposedly crashed into mountain
  • Government cover-up
  • ‘Welsh Roswell’

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