With over 5 years of VR gaming experience and hundreds of 5-star reviews, the professionals at VR Here can guide you through a once in a lifetime virtual thrill ride! Using state-of-the-art HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headsets, you can experience over 30 other worlds all in virtual space, either solo or in multiplayer mode with family and friends. Get ready to be transported to unbelievable locations where you can engage in a wide variety of fun activities, such as archery, 3D painting, sky diving, sword fighting, paintballing and many many more!

Where can I find an immersive VR experience in Liverpool?

Check out VR Here on Paul Street for a virtual thrill ride like no other!

Not much of a gamer? Not a problem! No experience with controllers or consoles is necessary to enjoy VR, it’s all about using your own body intuitively and most importantly, having fun!

  • Explorer Package – £160 (1 hour)
  • Voyager Package – £240 off-peak / £290 peak (2 hours)
  • Pioneer Package – £420 off-peak / £480 peak (3 hours)
  • Gift vouchers available
  • 8+ only
  • Monday – Thursday 3pm – 8pm
    Friday 12pm – 8pm
    Weekend 10am – 8pm
    Monday – Sunday (school holidays) 10am – 8pm

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