Are you a fan of a glass of wine in the evening? Well now is your chance to visit a beautiful vineyard where you will see all the little steps taken to produce the finest wine in the area, you will be greeted by passionate wine experts who will take you on an unforgettable adventure, you will have the opportunity to taste at least 14 different types of wine, and also have a the chance to buy lunch whilst on the tour.from the wonderful cafe they have on site. The final price of the trip will not include the ferry trip so beware to book the ferry to get to your tour on time.


Where can i find a wine tasting tour near Auckland?

You can experience wine tasting on Waiheke island just a ferry ride away from Auckland, they offer wine tours 7 days a week and are really simple to book.


Not only will you be tasting beautiful wine, you will also have a chance to take in the stunning scenery that Waiheke Island has to offer, photographs will be available through out your visit. Transport will be available for lunch with up to 4 sites available to sit down and fuel up for the rest of your journey. Be sure to make the 10am local ferry and there will be someone waiting on you when arriving to whiz you down to the wine vineyard. Lunch will be around 2pm and the tour will be done and dusted by 4pm.


  • Summer prices from $119 per person
  • Free transport to and from ferry
  • Lunch transfer available

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