If you’re in New Zealand, then you absolutely can’t miss a trip to Waipoua Forest on the west coast! If you want a deeper insight into the forest, and a truly unique experience, then don’t miss the Twilight Tour with Waipoua Footprints! Join a local Maori guide, indigenous to the area, in a journey through this ancient ecosystem in an unforgettable, spiritual experience.

Where can I see the biggest tree in New Zealand?

Take a tour with Waipoua footprints of the biggest native forestlands in New Zealand, where you'll see the largest living kauri tree in the world! The forest is a 1 hour drive from Dargaville, along the edge of the Northern Wairoa River.

Waipoua is the largest tract of native forest in Northland, an ancient green world full of towering trees and exotic birds. In your tour with Footprints, you’ll learn how the trees are intertwined with the indigenous Maori people, sharing mythological stories, legends and songs passed down from their ancestors. Feast your eyes on Tāne Mahuta, called ‘The Lord of the forest’, New Zealand’s largest Kauri tree – over 2000 years old and still growing! Your friendly guide will tell you everything about plant and wildlife of the forest, as you walk under the starry sky that helped guide original Maori people.

This tour is a must for any nature lovers, those interested in aboriginal history, or anyone simply looking for an exciting day out.

  • Tour usually lasts 4 hours.
  • Tickets start from $105.
  • The tour departs from the Copthorne Hotel & Resort Hokianga, Stage Highway 12, Omapere.
  • Omapere is approximately 4kms from Opononi. Find them here or phone 09 405 8737.