Wake Baths in Iceland
Wake Baths in Iceland

Wake Baths in Iceland

A wake bath is something everybody should be wanting to do, whether it’s a relaxing swim in the cold Urriðavatn or a comfortable seat in the hot pools with a refreshing drink you will sit back and take in the beautiful views around. It is based in East Iceland which is usually particularly cold so a nice swim in the hot pools will feel amazing.  There is a bar next to the pool to keep you and your family topped up on refreshing drinks and snacks. There are steam baths also at this location so it really does have it all. The main attractions at baths vigil are most definitely the two floating pools located in the lake Urriðavatn.

Why go to Lake Urriðavatn?

Lake Urriðavatn is a wonderful experience for the family, with numerous pools available this is the perfect destination for you and the family to relax and take in the wonderful nature around.

Vok baths are only minutes away from Egilsstaðir making them very easy to access. If you fly into Reykjavík airport, there are 3 flights available a day taking you to Egilsstaðir, these flights are approximately 1 hour long. The Geothermal water in the pools is proven to be the cleanest geothermal water in the whole of Iceland. No external substances are used in the pool, meaning the natural nourishing water can be really good for your skin.

  • 1-hour flight from Reykjavík
  • Adults prices standard ticket – ISK 5.500
  • Youth (6-16) – ISK 1.900
  • Luxury tickets available

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