Wakeboarding in Dublin

Wondering where the best place to go wakeboarding in Dublin is? Located in the heart of the city centre is Wake Dock – their wake park includes an abundance of obstacles for all wakeboarders alike, with a complete mix of beginner-friendly and advanced obstacles for regular and goofy riders. Wake dock also has a great range of wakeboarding sessions, from taster sessions to group sessions, you’re guaranteed to find something for any lover of the sport!

Where can I go wakeboarding in Dublin?

Wakedock is located in Grand Canal Dock in the heart of the Dublin docklands, only a 20-minute walk from Trinity College.

Experience the thrill of wakeboarding in Dublin City Centre! Wakedock is a cable wake park where anyone can go wakeboarding without the use of a boat. Their fully safe wakeboarding cable will pull riders at thrilling speeds across the water-based course. Wake dock has a number of awesome obstacles for beginner and advanced riders alike to pull off their favourite tricks or learn new ones.

Wakeboarding Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to fall! This is part of the process, especially for beginners.
  • Don’t pull on the rope – the pressure this causes on your feet will cause the front of your board to dip into the water and you’ll fall in.
  • Keep the handle low to your hip and look straight ahead – looking down is another way to fall in!

With only one person on each cable, if you fall, the operator is able to quickly drive the handle back and you’ll be up again in moments – so forget having to swim back to the quayside or back to the start platform, you’ll get maximum riding time and fun!

  • Lessons available for wakeboarders of any skill level
  • Group bookings available
  • Minimum age requirement of 8 years old
  • Children under 18 require parental consent
  • Prices from £25 per person for adults
  • Prices from £15 per person for children under 18
  • Located less than 20 minutes outside of Dublin
  • Free parking
  • Picnic area on site

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