Watch a Fantastical Puppet Show at Purves Puppets in Biggar!

Are you a parent who has a child with a passion for puppets? Or maybe you are just an Adult wanting to watch a classic Puppet show. The only issue is that stationary Puppet theatres are just not a common establishment to find in Scotland. This means that you might just assume that there are none. But all hope is not lost, there is one single full time puppet theatre in Scotland – Purves Puppets. This puppet theatre isn’t just your run of the mill Punch and Judy affair either. Purves Puppets website claims that it is “hailed as one of the best puppet companies in the world! ” and this isn’t a lie. Purves Puppets has received acclaim from many sources over it’s over 50 years of being in operation , but one of the most notable is that it is #1 in the theatre and concerts section on Trip Advisor. This begs the question, what makes Purves Puppets so special? The answer to this question is obvious to anyone who visits the theatre. The puppet theatre is this beautiful old Victorian building that looks like something right out of a picture book. The shows that they perform are all done with handcrafted puppets with expressive designs. The stories told in these puppet shows are also wholly unique with reoccurring puppet characters that are cute and likable. The set design is vibrant and colourful with lights that make the stage glow and it creates an almost dream like atmosphere which is unparalleled by other puppet shows. In summary the reason why this puppet theatre is so acclaimed is because there has been so much care, effort and love put into literally everything about it, and it definitely shows.

Is there a stationary Puppet Theatre in Scotland?

Yes, Purves Puppets in Biggar do regular shows and cater to kids birthday parties and even have a puppet museum!

Purves Puppets as well as offering state of the art puppet shows also offer birthday parties for kids. These birthday parties will bring a smile to even the most cynical child’s face. These parties include ice cream, pizza, finger puppets and of course a puppet show.

  • To see a puppet show it costs £8 for children and £10 for adults
  • Birthday Parties rang from £15 – £18 depending on what package you get
  • A puppet Museum tour costs £4

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Charity Garden Opening - The Potting Shed

10 - 23 August, 2022
A one-acre garden begun from scratch in 2008, on an exposed hillside at 900 feet. It contains herbaceous plants, climbers, shrubs and trees - all selected for wind resistance and ability to cope with the poor, stony soil. There are usually fine views to the Southern Uplands. This is a fundraising event for the open garden charity Scotland’s Gardens Scheme which raises money for hundreds of local charities.

The Glasgow Boys in Biggar

10 - 23 August, 2022
An exhibition of specially selected works from The Glasgow Boys on loan from 'Fife Cultural Trust (OnFife) on behalf of Fife Council. Examples by Hornel, Henry, Walton, Dow, Lavery, Crawhall, Gauld.