Are you ready to tackle the best water obstacle course there is?! At Lymington seawater paths they have everything you need to partake in the challenging 200meters of inflatable obstacles core on top of a giant outdoor pool.

Where is Lymington Sea Water Baths?

The centre is located on Bath Road right at the waterfront.

The aim of the game is very simple, make it to the other side of the obstacle course without falling in the water, sounds easy right? Well if you think you are up for the challenge this is a great activity for the stack! The pool has multiple courses for you to try and conquer making it a very fun activity to do with family and friends. challenge each other to see who can beat the courses first! The pool also has paddleboards for hire so you can enjoy a nice and relaxing ride on the water.

  • Prices range from 10£ depending on the activity that is chosen
  •  Disability access available

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