SAORI is a Japanese freestyle weaving approach that encourages people to express themselves intuitively, rather than by tight constraints and patterns. It is a style that lends itself to everyone and a great opportunity to create something truly unique – not just a kit. SAORImôr opened in spring 2014, the first registered SAORI freestyle weaving studio in Wales.

Where can I learn to weave in Wales?

Why not try freestyle weaving at the SAORImôr Studio in Bangor!

Each session will help you understand more about SAORI, preparing the woven fabric and creating garments, with the added incentive that you can take something you’ve made home. Different workshops include an Introduction to SAORI Clothing Workshop, Making a Warp the Kenzo Way and the Intensive Warping Workshop. No previous experience is needed, just bring your imagination.

  • The normal session costs £85 pp
  • Sessions normally start at 10.00 am and end at 5.00 pm
  • Less than 15 miles outside of Gwynedd
  • Studio shop with equipment and garments
  • Ideal for ages 7+

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