Looking to see some of the best sights in London? Then step into one of Britain’s most historically and culturally significant buildings, Westminster Abbey! This building is an architectural marvel and regardless of whether you’re interested in the history, art or spirituality of the cathedral, don’t miss the opportunity to see it for yourself while you’re in London. Steeped in ten centuries of British history, this remarkable church has been the site of coronations since 1066 A.D. Visit the tombs of Elizabeth I, Mary Tudor, and Mary Queen of Scots and learn about the history of Britain. This really is worth the visit and is 100% worth the addition to your Stack!

What is one of the best historic sites to visit in London?

Westminster Abbey is a must-see historic location and one of London's most iconic landmarks.

The Abbey runs tours but you are also welcome to wander around yourself. Grab some food from the kiosk while you’re there, or eat at any of the restaurants and cafes nearby as there’s plenty to choose from. You’ll also be walking through the resting place of more than 3,000 great Britons, so you will definitely feel a deeper connection to the city. We think your Stack would be incomplete without this addition!

  • Entry times vary, check the website for the most up to date information
  • The Abbey is open for 1 hour after the last entry
  • Ticket prices vary between free and £18 depending on age
  • Family tickets are available for purchase

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