If you’re looking for a wildlife experience in New Zealand, as well as something a little different, then we have the perfect activity for your stack! There’s no better way to watch the splendour of Whales at the stunning Kaikōura coast than from the air, in this unforgettable one-of-a-kind adventure!

Where can I go whale watching in New Zealand?

What better way to admire whales in their natural environment than from the air? Only an 4 mile drive south from the town centre, Wings Over Whales offer a variety of flying tours in Kaikōura, where you can choose from whale watching, dolphin spotting or scenic tours.

A window seat in Wing Over Whale’s aircraft gives you an unrivalled view of Kaikōura’s marine wild life and spectacular scenery! The rich, blue waters off the coast of Kaikōura is home to an array of exotic wildlife including the massive sperm whales, dusky dolphins and seals that can be seen all year-round – one of the best places in the world to see marine wildlife!

Choose from a variety of experiences at Wings Over Whales… Slowly orbit around nature’s majestic biggest creature and experience the sea like never before in their flagship Whale flights, where you’ll gain an insight into the world of whales and how they thrive in their natural environment. If you want to see more of Kaikōura, then book a spot on the scenic air tour, flying over rocky peninsulas, lush farmlands and the pacific ocean in the perfect experience for nature lovers. Your pilot is highly trained and experienced, with an extensive safety briefing before take-off.

Wings Over Whales operate at Kaikōura Airport in the log cabin terminal, where customers can browse their gift-shop and stop for a delicious range of drinks and snacks at the café. Adventure in the air with Wings Over Whales in an unforgettable day-out in New Zealand!

  • Prices range depending on experience – Whale watching usually at $190 per adult.
  • Experiences usually last up to 1 hour including safety information brief.
  • Children of all ages welcome aboard.
  • The terminal is wheelchair accessible, and flights are suitable for wheelchair users – contact them beforehand.
  • Shuttle service from the city centre to the terminal is available, which needs to be pre-booked.

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