For the best opportunity to get the perfect tail shot Whale Watch Kaikoura is the trip to take! The giant sperm whales are year round residents of Kaikoura and are the stars of the show on the boat trip. They are very curious and playful and love showing off to anyone who wants to see!

When can I go on Whale Watch Kaikoura?

The whales are residents of the coats all year round so there's never a bad day to try and see to the whales!

Whale Watch is a multiple national and international award winning New Zealand nature-based tourism company owned and operated by the indigenous Ngati Kuri people of Kaikōura, a Maori sub-tribe of the South Island’s larger Ngai Tahu Tribe. So along your trip you can expect stories, legends and history about the whales and their significance in this tribe’s culture!

  • Tour check-in times
    • 7:15am, 10am, 12:45pm
    • An extra tour is scheduled at 3:30PM from November to March
  • Prices
    • $120 NZD per adult
      $60 NZD per child (3 – 15yrs inclusive)

Some facts about sperm whales!

  • Sperm whales are the biggest species of toothed whales.
  • Sperm whales have a very distinctive blowhole with it appearing on the very top, front of the whales head. It’s a great way to distinguish a sperm whale as it shoot water forward and to the left which no other whale does!
  • Female sperm whales form lifelong bonds within their pod and their extended family and stay together for their entire life.

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