Whale Watching Tours in Iceland

From this small charming fishing village in Iceland, experience greatness in North Sailing’s whale watching tours! Enjoy a great variety of marine life in their natural habitat around the seas of  Skjálfandaflói bay, aboard their lovingly restored oak boats. This is a must-add for your stack on any trip to Iceland.

Where can I see Whales in Iceland?

The best way to spot Whales is a tour with North Sailing, pioneers in whale watching with an experienced crew and extensive knowledge.

Among the marine life you’ll see on these fantastic tours is the none other than the blue whale, the largest mammal on earth! The giant creatures are known to visit the bay regularly, making Húsavík the world’s whale watching capital. Choose from a range of exciting tours, including whale watching in a variety of locations, explore Greenland in a weeklong sailing adventure through Scoresby Sund and relax in a hot tub aboard an electric sailboat with the spectacular northern lights dancing above you. You can even go carbon neutral with their tours, making sure that your visit doesn’t disturb the local wildlife and ecosystem. Whatever tour you choose, you’re guaranteed to have an experience you won’t soon forget.

  • Check their tours page for each tours details, including duration, prices and schedules.
  • Dress as warmly as possible!
  • Bring your own refreshments as they’re not for sale on board.
  • Tours operate year round.

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