White Water Rafting Experiences Across the South Island

If you’re looking to explore the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, then there’s no better way to do it than out on its pristine and wild rivers! Whether you’re looking for thrills and adrenaline with challenging whitewater rafting experiences, or this is your first time on the waters, Inland Adventures has got you covered – combine stunning scenery and exciting rapids in this fantastic adventure in the heart of the West Coast.

Where can I go white water rafting on South Island?

Inland Adventures provide a range of exciting white water rafting experiences across stunning locations, from Reefton to Greymouth. Choose from day tours or multi-day adventures, suitable for all experience levels.

Choose from a range of beautiful locations, with a range of landscapes and rivers suitable for all levels, from the Grey River in Reefton to the Arnold River in Greymouth, in an invigorating adventure that will take you through towering mountain ranges, lush green native forests and steep gorges. Choose from their day tours or multi-adventures, that will all get you exploring New Zealand’s incredible untamed wilderness.

Their most popular tour, the Grey Wilderness 1 Day Raft tour, shows you the beauty of the Southern Alps – raft through native beech forests and farmland, raft through the pristine waters of the Grey river and be rewarded with stunning views of the Tasman Sea only accessible on the water. If you can’t get enough, enjoy a 3-day adventure on the Waiau River in their most challenging trip – tackle action packed days full of rafting through thundering rapids, and camp alongside the river with delicious food cooked over campfires in a serene experience. You don’t need any experience to enjoy these adventures, with qualified river guides to make your journey as smooth as possible. So, there’s options for families, adrenaline seekers and everyone in between!

  • Prices vary depending on experience:
    For their day tours, click here.
    For their multi-day tours, click here.
  • Rafting gear and equipment provided.
  • Dinners provided throughout the day on multi-day tours.
  • Pickup can be arranged on booking.
  • All locations are only a few hours drive from Christchurch.




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