Wildlife Reserve in Nottingham
Wildlife Reserve in Nottingham

Wildlife Reserve in Nottingham

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is the county’s leading conservation charity run by local people for the benefit of local wildlife, with nature reserves across the county – part of a UK network of 46 local Wildlife Trusts working to protect wildlife.

Why should I visit Nottinghamshire Wildlife?

They offer a range of activities for each Key Stage and are tailored to curriculum themes, and the programmes are open all year round.
Below are some activities to expect:

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Head to Attenborough and create a lovely holiday wreath out of natural resources. Enjoy mince pies and warming beverages as well!

There will be plenty of assistance as you use locally obtained willow, foliage, pinecones, and other materials to make a one-of-a-kind wreath in the calm setting of the Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Our all-new wreath-making experience will teach you how to construct a luxurious festive wreath made of natural materials and embellishments.

All proceeds benefit the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s mission to conserve and advocate for wildlife across the county.

Idle Valley Beaver Enclosure Tour

At around 60 hectares, our beaver enclosure is the largest in the UK with space for not just a couple of beavers but up to 18 – that’s 3 families of 6 in three separate territories!

Join us for an exclusive 2-hour guided tour inside the enclosure. Venturing through the beaver’s tangled wetland world, you’ll see clear signs of their activity such as tree felling, damming, lodge building, debarking and digging. You’ll also spot some of the other wildlife benefiting from their efforts.

Darwin and His Finches with David Parkin

Charles Darwin’s views influenced how we think about natural history today. David travelled to the Galapagos Islands to learn how watching finches aided Darwin in developing his Theory of Evolution. David will enlighten this idea with his expertise and firsthand experience of those islands.

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