Wildnerness Kayaking in the Isle of Barra

Clearwater paddling offers an amazing adventure of guided sea kayaking tours in the most beautiful places at a first-class standard.

These archipelagos are home to a wide range of history, like golden eagles, otters, seals, dolphins and basking sharks. You are bound to be amazed!

Where in Scotland can I go on a kayak adventure with my family?

Look no further than Clearwater Paddling! You can explore the finest destinations and stunning white beaches with quiet lagoons and a watery maze of islands.

There are a wide variety of trips and booking options, so you are sure to find an adventure to suit you and your budget.

Why not try these amazing trips:

. Lodge-based Tours: This allows you to enjoy kayaking and exploring stunning islands on each day. Heading to amazing paddling destinations in the Hebrides. This trip is highly recommended to new paddlers.

. Wild camping Tours: you will land your kayak on a stunning beach and camp for the night, sitting around a driftwood fire and hearing the call of the seals. There is no better way to enjoy wildlife.

. Expedition Journeys: you will travel through some of Scotland’s wildest seascapes. This is more for experienced paddlers.

. Tall ship-Based Kayak Tours: this adventure allows you to have access to the places other kayak trips cannot reach

All-inclusive, self-catering so book now and don’t miss out.

  • Open Monday to Sunday – 9 am to 10 pm
  • Wild camping trips from £450 per person for a week-long experience
  • Lodge-based tours from £450 per person for a week-long stay
  • Sea kayak journeys from £450 per person for a week-long experience
  • All-inclusive tall ship-based kayak trips from £1515 per person for a week-long stay