If you love outdoor climbing, then head to Wildwire Wanaka where you will see the famous and highest waterfall climbing. Conquer your fears with this amazing experience you can Climb or hike the choice is yours.

Where can I enjoy an outdoor adventure with friends in Wanaka?

At Wildwire Wanaka you will be able to climb the highest waterfall and have loads of fun with friends and family!

Choose from 3 levels, whatever you age or ability we have the perfect choices for you. You can also choose the medium or extreme for beginners or pros which one will be for you? Enjoy the amazing mountain view as you climb and view nature like you have never before experienced. Chose the Twin Falls Canyon where you will climb up 20 waterfalls, Lord of the Rungs climb or the Wild walks Heli-Hike where you will explore nature and a short climb, great for beginners, there’s so much to do you will not want to leave. No climbing experience no problem contact us today and arrange you amazing day out that will meet your needs and abilities.


  • Open from 8:30 am – 8:30 pm
  • Lunch will be provide on full price tours for FREE
  • Book 4 and get 20% OFF
  • Prices start from $199
  • Tours range from 3 hours – 7 hours





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