Windsor great park has over five thousand acres of land that is full of rich heritage and amazing outdoor activities. The grounds are so large that is something for everyone to enjoy while visiting. The park is over a thousand years old and has been home to many royals and special events over the years.

Why go to Windsor Great Park?

To enjoy the beautiful outdoors and admire its amazing scenery.

The park has a range of activities to indulge in such as taking the kids to the outdoor play area. You can take the dog on a nice long or short walk around the estate as they have many areas for walking. You can enjoy one of the many cycle paths around the area, through woodland areas or just a present path. The park welcomes anyone who is wanting to sit on the grass and enjoy a picnic and relax. with there being so many activities and such a wide area to enjoy this is definitely one to add to the stack.

  • Free entry
  • Open from Dusk till Dawn
  • Picnic friendly
  • Dog friendly



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