Wings & Waves Paragliding in Auckland

Ready to try something new? There’s no better way to view Auckland than from the sky so why not try paragliding at Wings and Waves. Wings and Waves cater for all levels and abilities so whether you are a complete beginner looking for something fun to try or a frequent flyer ready to learn new tricks they have it all! Auckland has some of the most amazing paragliding sites in the world, about 40 sites around the city, for nearly every wind direction, both thermal and soaring sites. From beginners intro classes to up-skill advanced classes, it is the perfect place to travel, have fun and fly with friends​! 

Where can I go paragliding in Auckland?

Wings and Waves is the perfect place to begin your paragliding experience. The instructors are the most experienced and accomplished team in New Zealand!

All paragliding courses are carefully structured to give every learner the best experience, in the safest and most supportive environment possible. With a team of 4 qualified instructors, they are the only school that caters for any level and ability.

  • Intro course: $289
  • Trial course: $198
  • Tandem Flight: $410
  • Beginner course: PG1 certificate: $765
  • Intermediate course: PG2 license: $2,550 prepaid

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