Witness the Abbeyliex Bog Project in Co Laois

Calling all nature lovers! Are you looking to explore the outdoors and witness biodiversity? Or do you just love the peaceful serenity that nature brings? If so, make sure to visit and take a look at the fantastic Abbeyleix Bog Project on your next day off! The company aims to protect this bogland, which was once endangered due to harvesting for peat.

Where can I experience Biodiversity in Ireland?

In recent years Ireland has seen an increase in community groups wishing to take back land and bring it to its previous condition. One of the most interesting of these sites is The Abbeyleix Bog in Co Laois.

The site contains a vast amount of different insects, birds and animals that can now call this place home again. Along with this, it has Wet Carr Woodlands, Meadows and Raised Bog. The company welcomes all visitors and encourages all those who do visit, to get involved, either with them or with something similar to where they come from. So, what are you waiting for, make sure you get back to nature and see the importance of biodiversity, and visit the fantastic Abbeyleix Bog on your next day off!

  • Perfect for families.
  • Free admission.
  • Great for nature walks.

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