Witness the High Crosses and Round Tower at Monasterboice Monastery in Co Louth

Calling all history lovers! Are you looking for something fascinating to explore on your next day off? If so, make sure to visit the famous Monasterboice Monastery, High Cross and Round Tower on your next day off! This magnificent site is highly regarded as being one of the most important heritage sites in Ireland, and comes up multiple times throughout historical documents!

Where can i visit ancient ruins in Ireland?

Ireland is scattered with lots of different heritage sites, from Monasteries to Pre Christian burial grounds. One of the finest examples of this is Monasterboice Monastery in Co Louth.

The monastery was founded by St Buite in the 5th century, and become an important site for religion and learning until Mellifont Abbey was built in the 1100s. The abbey was attacked by Vikings in the 900s, however, they were dispersed and sent home by the High King of Tara, Donal! Along with the multiple examples of High Crosses, there is also a magnificent Round Tower that acted as a refuge for monks and important manuscripts. So, history lovers. What are you waiting for? Don’t let this beautiful site go unnoticed and make sure to visit Monasterboice Monastery in Co Louth!

  • Visitor centre.
  • Free admission.
  • Open all year round.

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