Witness The Sunrise at Maunga Hikurangi

Calling all sightseers! Are you looking for something unique to do on your next day off? Or do you just love to explore fascinating sites? Either way, make sure to visit Maunga Hikurangi. This mountain is highly sacred to the native Maori people of New Zealand, and here visitors can partake in a unique Maori cultural experience. Along with all of this, it is also said to be the first place on the planet to witness the sunrise.

Where can I experience Maori culture in New Zealand?

There are multiple sites and experiences to take part in across New Zealand, one of the most interesting is Maunga Hikurangi on the North Island.

Tours are provided and carried out by local and highly knowledgable guides, so you can be sure that your experience is of the utmost professionalism. Tours will begin with visitors being driven to the very summit of the mountain, where there are nine Maori carvings that will give you an insight into their culture. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your say off, and visit the Sacred Mountain!

  • Tours available.
  • Open 9am to 5pm, all year round.
  • Prices start from $145.


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