Wizard Afternoon Tea in Edinburgh

Love Harry Potter and tea? Look no further for exciting activities that pair your interests together! In Edinburgh, you can experience a tea brewing experience that will make you feel like you’re a student at Hogwarts! Come together with friends, and mix and match dried plants, brewing them together to create a uniquely you flavour of tea as you indulge in the selection of scones, sandwiches and desserts. Use your wand to open up the treasure chest and let the adventure begin! 

Where can I try Wizard Afternoon Tea in Edinburgh? 

Head on over to Fredrick Street in Edinburgh and let yourself be swept along this magical experience!

Edinburgh houses the very café J.K Rowling began weaving together the little bits and pieces that would become the world’s beloved Harry Potter series. So, why not after your tea experience, have a walk around the city, admire the picturesque and imposing architecture as you make your way to Elephant Café. With a variety of Harry Potter merch shops along the way, you can make your day out Harry Potter themed and indulge your love for the iconic book series. 

  • Arcane Wizard’s Afternoon Tea: £35 per person (12 yrs+)
  • For a 1hour 45-minute experience, tickets include a magic wand and equipment rental, two interactive teas for you to brew, scones and a selection of sandwiches & desserts
  • Little Wizard’s Afternoon Tea: £19 per person (11 yrs and under) 
  • For a 1hour and 45-minute experience, tickets include a magic wand and equipment rental, one interactive tea to brew together with accompanying adults, scones and a child-sized selection of sandwiches and desserts
  • Private Hires for birthday parties, etc are also available
  • This is a mostly self-directed experience – but a potion master is always on-hand
  • Potion Making Experience (18 yrs+) available in London and Dublin as well

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