If you want to learn about what tasty treats our woodlands hold then this fantastic foraging course is perfect for you. With experts leading you around the British countryside and giving you their knowledge they’ll make sure you come back with some great wild food and a great day as well. Depending on the season you can expect to be gathering wild herbs, tapping trees for sap, or learning about and eating some wild funghi! The course also includes a lunch based around wild ingredients where you’ll also get to make your own bread!

Where can explore nature and learn about it as well?

This foraging day will let you get your hands dirty and really learn about the plants that live in our woodlands. With lots of outdoor foraging and cooking it's a great way of spending a day in the great outdoors and learning lots about it too.

You’ll also be taught about how to preserve food and they will bring along homemade cordials and jams so that you can taste what lots of things taste like after they’ve been prepared.

This course is great for a beginner in foraging or someone who wants to get their hands dirty and experience and learn something new about our beautiful woodlands.

Booking is online and makes sure to let them know of any dietary requirements before you go! They do courses in lots of locations so make sure you book the right one and maybe check out their other courses too!

  • One-day foraging course – £95 pp
  • Autumn Fungi Course -£85 pp
  • One day foraging with the founders, Chris and Rose – £125 pp
  • Make sure you dress according to the weather!

Food Foraging Facts!

  • In the UK you are legally entitled to forage for personal use, on any land that you have a right of access to.
  • Edible mushrooms are a great thing to forage in the UK and this course, or guides, are a great way to distinguish between edible and non-edible mushrooms.
  • During blackberry season (end of summer) they are very common around the UK countryside and make a great addition to breakfast or an apple crumble!

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