Woolsthorpe Manor in Wiltshire

If you want a quiet getaway, then head to Woolsthorpe Manor, you will have a magnificent and peaceful stroll in the spring gardens seeing the blooming flowers. You can plan a day for the whole family, let children run around and use their imagination as they explore the beautiful gardens. They will be able to connect with nature and learn about all the different flowers.


View the location of the famous film ‘The Secret Garden’ which children and adults enjoyed together. Discover how this location became the perfect setting for the movie. There are loads to do at Woolsthorpe Manor, you can take a spring life walk and enjoy seeing birds nesting or learn about the insect life. After the winter you can view gardeners as they welcome spring by planting such as potatoes and beetroot. You will learn interesting stories and be able to share gardening tips and tricks to help you join the start of the new season!


  • Prices from £10 per person for adults
  • Prices from £5 per person for children
  • Family tickets available from £15
  • Opening times from 11am till 5pm
  • Located less than 10 minutes outside of Swindon

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