If you want to get the behind the scenes on the making of award winning beer then why not head down to the Wye Valley Brewery so you can learn how its done and grab a glass of their liquid gold! The tours take around two hours and include you being guided round their 9 acre brewery and being expertly taught how they make their beer.  They will also be one of the team who make the beer so they will be more than capable of answering any questions you have!

Where is the Wye Valley Brewery?

The Wye Valley Brewery is situated in the small village of Stoke Lacy in the heart of beautiful Herefordshire countryside, a short drive from Hereford.

After the tour you can go to the shop in the brewhouse where you can get any of the beers in their entire range and ask any further questions you may have. 80% of their ingredients come from a 10 mile radius meaning their carbon footprint is very low and you can be confident that you are supporting local businesses by drinking their beer! If you want any more of their beer you can check online on their website where you can see which pubs are stocking their beer, some of which are very close to the brewhouse!

  • Open 9am to 5pm
  • Book online
  • Tickets cost £35pp
  • Ages 12 and above
  • Ages 12 – 17 need an adult supervising

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