Xcite Sports Centre in Bathgate

Xcite is one of the most diverse sports centres in west Lothian. It offers a vast array of activities that can be enjoyed by all. Xcite strives to keep everyone motivated and feel capable of maintaining a healthy lifestyle forever.

Where can I go to do sports activities in Bathgate?

Discover a multitude of activities for everyone. Football, tennis, soft play, yoga - It's all here! Learn the fun ways of staying healthy.

These activities include:

  • Private swimming lessons for all ages. at any scheduled time.
  • Boxing lessons for any age. Improve your cardio, and endurance and learn the techniques on how to defend yourself.
  • All-access gym (below 16 have limited use on specific equipment). With it recently being expanded; more people can come and learn how to stay fit.
  • Football and Tennis courts can be booked for any available time. Equipment can be requested on-site, but feel free to bring any owned equipment!
  • Personal Health and Fitness coaching and classes are free for anyone with a membership. These are fully qualified coaches with an understanding of everyone’s different body types and most importantly; what works for you.


  • Xcite is deeply committed to the service we offer to the people who live, work, and visit West Lothian.
  • Feedback will be taken seriously and will work hard every day to enhance their services.
  • Helpful, and kind.
  • Xcite takes personal responsibility for performing a fantastic job and providing high-quality service.
  • Are proud of our personal looks and the clothes we wear.


Integrity – Honesty and transparency. Any problems customers have will be aided by the members of staff.

Respect – Everyone will be treated fairly and equally.

Service – The customer comes first in any decision that has to be made.

Accountability – Responsibility for any of our actions. No matter how bad.


With plenty of activities to choose from. Xcite can more than provide for any individual who is looking to ‘shape up their life and point them in the right direction for a healthy lifestyle. It’s never too late to start!

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