Zip climb Wanaka

If you want to finally feel like Bear Gryll’s then come down to Wanaka and take part in their “Lord of the Rungs”. This type of activity is actually called a Via Ferrata – which means ‘iron path’ and it is a climbing route which has been built with steel rungs and cables that are fixed to the rock. It allows you to travel vertically up the waterfall safely which would otherwise be impossible.  They have 3 levels (Lower, Upper and Full) so people of all abilities can give it a go without feeling like they are pushing themself too much beyond their limit and with the activity lasting between 2 and 7 hours (depending on your choice of section) it is the perfect activity to try in New Zealand.

Where can we go to try out zip climbing in Wanaka?

The cable climb at Wildwire has 3 levels for you to choose from and goes up to 450 metres which makes it the highest waterfalls cable climb in the world!

They also provide canyoning and hiking as well as special deals so if that seems better suited for you then you can also check that out to. The cost of these activities does vary but for the Lord of the rungs it ranges from $199-$599 depending on how much you want to climb.

  • Tallest via ferrata in the world
  • Cost changes depending on how much climbing you wish to do
  • Lasts between 2 and 7 hours


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