Zip Lining in Brighton

Take an epic journey flying 300m across Brighton beach on the Brighton Zip, it’s as close as it gets to flying! Before climbing the spiral staircase, you’ll be kitted out in safety gear along with a safety briefing by one of the trained instructors. Then get ready to set off from the platform 32m above sea level and experience impressively high speeds as you soar through the air! Don’t miss the chance to see Brighton from the sky with this exhilarating zipline!

Why visit Brighton Zip?

Brighton Zip is the longest zipline on the South coast, you will experience spectacular views of the sea and beyond!

The dual zip line means you can race against your friends and family – why not race them to the bottom! Whilst you are waiting for your flight or are in need of a post-flight cooldown, enjoy a fish and chips, ice cream or drink on the beach.

  • Single rider- £18
  • Dual rider- £32
  • Video of zip experience- £4
  • Student – £10
  • Resident rider- £12

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