Everybody has seen those horror movies when you scream at the screen in frustration as the characters slip up and get caught by zombies. Do you think you could do any better? Well, now you can find out by visiting Zombie Uprising in Derby! How will you hold up against the horde? Will you thrive with your knowledge of survival? Or will you perish like the rest of them?

Why should I visit Zombie Uprising in Derby?

When visiting Zombie Uprising Derby, visitors can experience and witness first-hand the terror that comes with a zombie apocalypse. Guests will battle their way through the horde of flesh-eating monsters with realistic weapons and work together to create a fun, terrifying, but most of all memorable experience!

Gather your most trustworthy team and work together to fight your way out of the zombie-ridden 4 story building! Players will work through a series of puzzles and objectives within the 90 thousand square meters abandoned warehouse to make an escape from the rabid zombies trying to stop them.

The experience at Zombie Uprising is based on the classic horror movie, ‘The Hills Have Eyes. The virus has spread to a small remote town located on the outskirts of the city. The villagers already had something a little off about them before the virus struck, making them even more of a threat! Rumour has it that the village was inhabited by a group of Hillbillies who brought great grief to the area, and since they have now been turned into zombies, you must do something about it! After taking a wrong turning the village, players will find themselves in the Zombie Enforcement Uprising Section. The authorities here must make a decision, do they take out the players, or do they get them to help put an end to this nightmare?

  • Booking available online
  • The average experience lasts 3 hours
  • £20 per person
  • Pay on the day of your visit


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