Are you sick of pretending to be in a zombie apocalypse in all of your video games? Then how about you bring your games to life and head over to The Last Survivors in Essex and see if you can survive in this live-action zombie experience. You will have 2 hours to try and defeat “The Infected” all while being set in an ex-government bunker that is over 100 feet underground. This truly immersive experience will make you think you are actually living in the apocalypse so only come if you think you have the guts and wits to survive otherwise you’ll be lunch!

Are there any zombie live-action experiences in Essex?

The Last Survivors is set in a real Ex Government Nuclear Bunker 100ft deep underground! They are open 7 days a week and are just waiting for the next brave challenger.

Essex is a county in England that is most famous for being a party county, as well as a place for artists to hone their skills so after you and your friends, have spent the day fighting zombies why not have a spectacular night out dancing, drinking and laughing. So why not add this unique and thrilling experience to your Stack right now, we think you’ll regret it otherwise.

  • The minimum age requirement of 14 years old and children under 16 must be accompanied by a full paying adult
  • All equipment you need is provided on the day, including “weapons”
  • Group sizes of between 16-22 people
  • Prices for tickets from £90 per person

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