Welcome to Belfast Zoo, a captivating haven for wildlife enthusiasts nestled in the picturesque landscape of Belfast, Northern Ireland. This remarkable zoo is not just a place to see animals; it’s an immersive experience into the world of conservation, education, and family fun. Spanning over 55 acres on the slopes of Cave Hill, Belfast Zoo offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore a diverse collection of species from around the globe, all while enjoying breathtaking views of Belfast Lough.

Discovering the animal kingdom

At Belfast Zoo, guests can marvel at over 1,000 animals across 150 species. The zoo prides itself on its commitment to conservation and education, providing habitats that closely resemble the animals’ natural environments. From the majestic Asian elephants and Sumatran tigers to the playful California sea lions and Red pandas, each exhibit is designed with care and thoughtfulness. The zoo’s layout encourages exploration and discovery at every turn, ensuring an engaging visit for people of all ages.

What unique feature does Belfast Zoo offer due to its location?

Belfast Zoo offers breathtaking views of Belfast Lough due to its unique location on the slopes of Cave Hill.

Conservation efforts and educational programs

Belfast Zoo is not only a sanctuary for animals but also a center for conservation and learning. It participates in global breeding programs aimed at preserving endangered species, demonstrating its dedication to wildlife protection. Visitors can participate in educational workshops and talks that shed light on the importance of biodiversity and what can be done to protect it. These initiatives highlight the zoo’s role in fostering a deeper understanding and respect for nature among its visitors.

A day out for the whole family

The zoo offers more than just animal exhibits; it’s packed with activities that cater to families looking for an enjoyable day out. Children can have fun in the adventure playgrounds while adults relax in one of the scenic picnic areas overlooking Belfast Lough or Cave Hill. The zoo also hosts special events throughout the year, including themed days that provide additional entertainment and learning opportunities for visitors.

Eating and shopping at Belfast Zoo

No visit is complete without stopping by the zoo’s café or gift shop. The café serves a variety of meals and snacks suitable for all tastes, allowing visitors to refuel after exploring the extensive grounds. Meanwhile, the gift shop offers a wide range of souvenirs, from plush toys representing your favorite animals to eco-friendly products that support conservation efforts. Purchasing these items not only serves as a memento of your visit but also contributes to ongoing conservation work.

Planning your visit

To make the most out of your trip to Belfast Zoo, planning ahead is key. The zoo is open year-round but operates shorter hours during winter months. Admission prices are reasonable with discounts available for children, students, seniors, and families. It’s advisable to check their website or contact them directly for up-to-date information on opening times and ticket prices before visiting. Additionally, considering its location on Cave Hill’s slopes, wearing comfortable shoes is recommended as some paths may be steep or uneven.


  • Home to over 1,000 animals across 150 species
  • Participates in global breeding programs aimed at preserving endangered species
  • Offers educational workshops and talks on biodiversity conservation
  • Features adventure playgrounds and scenic picnic areas
  • Hosts special events throughout the year including themed days
  • Café serving meals suitable for all tastes; gift shop offering souvenirs supporting conservation efforts

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