Are you a fan of thrilling theme park rides? Look no further than the incredible Alton Towers! Enjoy an experience like no other with over 40 rides and attractions. In between adrenaline-pumping roller coasters and stomach-churning rides, check out the Alton Towers dungeon – a 45-minute long journey through Staffordshire’s darkest history. Or try your hand at Extraordinary Golf, Alton Towers’ adventurous answer to crazy golf, full of surprises and challenges for the whole family! Booking in advance will see you save almost 50% on your admission, what’s not to like?

Why should I go to Alton towers?

Alton Towers is the perfect location for any family, full of fun and adventure with numerous rides on offer to ensure a thrilling experience.

Alton Towers attracts thrill-seekers from around the globe – and for good reason too! With its world-famous roller coasters such as “Nemesis”, featuring corkscrews, loops and much more on an inverted track, come take a seat and find out why it’s voted visitors’ most intense ride. Or experience some theme park history in action on “Oblivion”, the world’s first vertical drop roller coaster! Boasting speeds of 110km/h and 4.5G-force, drop down 180ft of vertical track into the void.

  • Adult admission from £34
  • Water park admission from £16.50
  • Crazy golf from £6

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