Everyone has swimming with dolphins on their bucket list, and i guarantee your no different, E-KO tours are offering a once in a life time experience. This truly wonderful experience will last 4 hours long with a briefing included for safety of yourself and the dolphins. On this tour you will be searching for all different dolphins ranging from Dusky, Bottlenose, Common and the rare Hector dolphins in the local area. Once a dolphin is spotted and the conditions are right we will get ready to enjoy a truly memorable experience and swim with the dolphins. You will be accompanied by WCA qualified tour guides to ensure the safest and most enjoyable swimming experience.

Where can I book dolphin swim experience in New Zealand?

The dolphin swim in Marlborough sands can be booked on the E-KO tours website, it is really easy to find on the website as it is under the tab dolphin tours. You will find all the information you need before booking with E-KO tours.

Tours will begin at 8:15am with a 45 minute safety briefing before departing at 9:00am to go on your 4 hour dolphin swimming experience, even with it being a safe environment to swim at you will still need to sit in a safety briefing to ensure you are confident with swimming in the open waters, located on Picton’s main waterfront only one minute away from the car park so there will be no issue in finding the site. Customers will also have the benefit of free Wi-Fi and refreshments on board.

  • Adults prices start from $180
  • Children prices start from $155
  • Go- pro camera available for hire

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