Explore Irish Mythology at the Foklore Park in Carlingford

Calling all explorers! Are you looking for something interesting to do on your next day off? Or do you just love some beautiful scenery? Either way, we have the perfect place for you to explore! Make sure you take a visit to the shoreline and explore the Folklore Park in Carlingford Co Louth! This is the perfect activity for those who are interested in Irish Mythology and Folklore.

Where can i learn about Irish Mythology?

Irish Mythology is renowned around the world for its interesting characters and interesting depictions of the area. One of the best ways to explore this is at the Folklore Park in Carlingford Co Louth.

Sporadically placed all along this shoreline are information and storyboards, with in-depth explanations of the Local Mythology and Folklore associated with Ireland as a whole for centuries. Along with this information, are replica sculptures of the stories. This includes Faries and Finn Mcool! For those interested, you can explore the stories behind the last leprechauns of Ireland while here! So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your next day off and visit the Folklore Park in Carlingford Co Louth.

  • Free admission.
  • Perfect for children.
  • Unrivalled scenery.
  • Open all year round.

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