Paragliding in Iceland

Paragliding is an opportunity you do not want to let slip by you when visiting Iceland. You will see some of the most amazing sights from high up in the sky, this extreme sport is one of the most adrenaline powered activities you can do. The only danger you are in is that you’ll love it that much you will do it all over again. There are different paragliding experiences to choose from, whether it’s free-falling above the mountains or over the waterfalls of Grafargil, you really have options. There is no need for experience in any paragliding as you will go through a run-through of the safety measures and all the instructions you must follow. You will be guided by someone who has done it for years so there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Where can we book?

You can book your awesome paragliding experience on the true adventure website, there are multiple tours to choose from seeing multiple sights in the southern part of Iceland.

Each tour will last 1-2 hours, which of you will spend around 15 minutes in the air flying. All is dependent on the weather, so if your paragliding experience is cancelled because of the weather, you will receive a full refund. Zipline experiences are also available where you can float above the stunning scenery. You will take a small hike through the beautiful river canyon where you will then go on the first of two zip lines. The second zip line will take you above the magnificent Hundafoss waterfall, the zip line experience lasts around 2 hours altogether including the hike through the river canyon.

  • You will need your own hiking shoes
  • warm and windproof clothes
  • Paragliding costs from 35.000 ISK
  • Zipline costs from 14.900 ISK for an adult