If you are visiting the Isle of Lewis then it is a must to check out Stornoway SeaFari! The company offers a range of trips and wildlife tours around the waters of Lewis. From Orcas to Otters, there is a massive diversity of marine wildlife to spot on your journey! Book your visit now and come and experience the magical marine life around Stornoway!

Why should I book a boat trip with Stornoway SeaFari?

Stornoway SeaFari allows guests to experience and spot some of Scotland's most magical coastlines and wildlife species from the most exciting way of viewing them, from the water itself! Come along and hop aboard to start your stunning journey around the waters of Lewis! Some of the wildlife that visitors can expect to see on these journeys include Orcas, Sea Otters, White-Tailed Eagles, Puffins, Dolphins and Porpoises, as well as many other different bird, land and marine species!

Stornoway SeaFari is a mall professional tour operating business run by an incredibly dedicated and experienced captain and is based in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. The services provided by Stornoway SeaFari include wildlife and coastal tours that are run seasonally between the 1st of April and the 31st of October each year and commercial or personal charters that are available daily throughout the year.

Isle of Lewis Wildlife

Isle of Lewis is a part of an archipelago, situated on the furthest edges of the Scottish Isles. The island has an extremely diverse range of habitats, meaning there’s a fantastic variety of animals to spot. At the Uig Hills to the southwest, there are a few pairs of Golden Eagles and White-tailed Eagles, and to the southeast, you’ll find a large variety of smaller birds, including Merlins, Greenshanks, and the rare Black Throated Divers – it is also the best place to find the elusive otters! The sea is even more abundant with life, where you can find the Atlantic Grey Seal, Dolphins, Porpoise and several species of Whales!


The new boat that is used on these trips is the XS 850 rib, which is Cat coded by the Maritime and Coastguard agency to hold 12 passengers and 2 crew members! The trips here can vary from 1 and a half hour journeys to Loch Erisort, the Witches Pool, Loch Leurbost and Loch Grimshader, to a longer 4 and a half-hour-long trip to the volcanic Shiant Isles and along the beautiful Lochs coastline!

  • 1 and a half-hour long trips from £35 per person
  • 2 and a half-hour long Dolphin and Whale trips from £60 per person
  • 4 hour-long trips from £85 per person