Boss Dogs 2ft “Boss” Hotdog Challenge

Boss Dogs is a food truck establishment offering amazing and well made American style cuisine in Auckland. They offer classics like corn dogs, chilli cheese fries and tons of delicious hot dogs which they are known for.

Where can I do a hotdog themed food challenge in New Zealand

You can do a 2ft hotdog challenge at the Boss Dogs food truck in Auckland

Boss Dogs offer a delicious challenge. The 2 ft Boss Dog filled with 250 g of cheese, 500 g of mince (ground beef), 250 g of onions, and 6 special frankfurters. That all is topped with chili, tomato, mustard, & BBQ sauces. Comes with a beverage of your choice and there is a 20 minute time limit to finish it.

  • If you manage to beat the challenge you get a Free Meal
  •  You also get a free “I Beat The Boss” T-shirt
  • You also get put on the Wall of Fame


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