Cotwolds Distillery tour and tasting

Whether you are a gin lover, whisky lover or just looking for a good time, take a trip to the Cotswolds distillery in Stourton. From blending your own gin to shaking up some cocktails, Cotswolds distillery offers a range of experiences for everyone. The Cotswolds is full of rich history, stunning scenery, charming old towns and of course, outstanding natural spirits so don’t miss out on this experience to taste the very best of the Cotswolds!

Why take part in the Cotswolds Distillery Tour and tastings?

From single malt whisky to gin and liqueurs, everything they make at the Cotswolds Distillery is about quality and flavour above all else.

In the award-winning tours and tastings, you will taste the full range of outstanding natural spirits and learn all about the distillery. The tour begins with a short video that highlights the Cotswolds Distillery story and traditional production methods. Shortly after, you’ll be taken around the distillery and cask warehouse whilst giving you a detailed account of how they craft the award-winning spirits, where you’ll be able to see (and smell!) the processes in action. At the end of the tour, you’ll get to sample a range of spirits and liqueurs.

Don’t forget to visit the distillery shop before you leave where you can taste and browse the full range of spirits and take them home.

  • Distillery tour & tasting: £20pp
  • Broadway private tasting: £15pp (Free for drivers)

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