Discover Aranui Cave in Waitomo

Aranui is the most delicate and intimate cave in Waitomo and it invites you to come it explore it! The cave is steeped in Maori myth and legend and is a perfect place to explore a beautiful cave in New Zealand. With staggering cave formations, high narrow chambers and colourful stalactites the cave is well worth a visit.

Where can I see caves in the North Island?

Waitomo Caves offer a plethora of caves to visit and Arunai is as magical as any!

The tour starts at the visitors centre and will take you through a beautiful ancient forest to the secluded entrance of the cave. There is very little life in the cave but near the entrance you will find some native cave wetas! You will be safely guided through the cave to learn about it and see its amazing natural beauty.

  • Prices
    • Weekend Price
      • NZD$55 Adult
      •  NZD$25 Child
      •  NZD$140 Family (2A+2C)
      •  NZD$20 Extra Child (Family Pass)
    • Weekday Price
      • NZD$44 Adult
      • NZD$20 Child
  • Tour takes approx 1 hour

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