Locked in a room in Bristol is a great day out for team bonding, parties or even to get out with your friends, holding up to 52 players across 9 identical rooms, it really should not be missed. You can book online to guarantee the date you wish to challenge yourself. The idea of an escape room is really simple, you will be locked in a room with a team and you will face many different problems that combine to give you clues to successfully escape within the 60 minute time limit, it is advised to book in a team of 3 people as it is challenging, adults must be in the room with children under the age of 14.

Where can I find an escape room in Bristol?

Right in the heart of Bristol you will find one of Bristol's most exciting escape room, the site is easy located by public transport and car.

Escape Room Tips

The best way to approach an escape room is by finding the right team, taking on the challenge with friends can make all the difference. Making sure there is good chemistry between your team makes it more enjoyable also, here are some of the best tips to successfully beat the escape room.

  • Every clue must be shouted out and communicated clearly with your team
  • Keep the room organised to avoid losing any key clues
  • Do not spend to long on a certain problem as you could waste a lot of time, let a team mate take over if you spend too much time
  • Always keep an eye on the clock as you do not want to be rushing around towards the end
  • The games keeper is always on hand to give out little clues that will help you succeed
  • The cost begins at 25 pounds per player, discounts on groups of 18+
  • Wheelchair access is available with lifts and ramps through out the site
  • Smaller rooms are for a maximum of 4 people and larger rooms for 6 or more

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