Escape Rooms Dublin

Are you a big fan of murder mysteries or solving problems? Well, have I got news for you! Head on down to Adventure Rooms in Dublin for an exciting day of participating in puzzles and trying to escape before it’s too late! While in the escape rooms there are multiple ways of escape. Every room is different in its own unique way with being some harder than others to break free from. One thing is for sure, there will be various puzzles that you will need to work out as part of a team to solve all whilst being way of the clock. You only have 60 minutes to solve quickly before the time runs out!

Are there any escape rooms in Dublin?

The escape rooms at Adventure Rooms is located in the heart of Dublin, just 1km from the city centre.
Looking for a fun day out with friends or family? Bring your teamwork and problem solving skills with you as you will be needing them to escape before the time runs out. Adventure Rooms have 3 different themed fully intractable rooms for you to try. We warn you to be vigilant as a code could be hiding in a photo frame or in a safe or anywhere!
  • Prices from 70 pp
  • Ideal for any occasion
  • Over 3 escape rooms and escape games to choose from
  • Located right in the middle of Belfast
  • Each room holds 2-6 players but can be played dual so 4-12 players
  • Duration lasts 60 minutes

Adventure Rooms

Classic house
Green Street
Phone: 01-872-7927
Email: [email protected]

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