Do you think you have the intelligence to help Dr Watson with his recent case or help Amy escape from room 13 or even investigate the abandoned pirate ship in less than 60 minutes? Then bring your group of friends and prove it! This is the ideal way to celebrate a mate’s birthday and have a lot of fun whilst doing it. Or the perfect team building activity for a gang of colleagues. Well, that is if you can handle the pressure…

Where to find an escape room in Essex?

At Escape Live, communication and brainpower are essential when attempting to solve the puzzles leading you to freedom.

Essex is famous for its incredible nightlife, so after you have managed to escape why not carry on the fun day out and dance all night! There is also a lot of truly beautiful nature for you to walk around or just even have a picnic in one of the parks if you don’t fancy a boogie! With such affordable prices, why aren’t Escape Live’s escape rooms in your Stack already?

  • The minimum suggested age of 10 years old, and children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult
  • 4 rooms with different difficulty ratings and themes for whatever you are looking for!
  • Prices from £15 per person with group sizes from 2-6 participants

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