137 fun things to do in East of England

Welcome to the East of England, where history meets the great outdoors and charming towns mixed with seaside resorts. This region is a treasure trove of delights, whether you’re an urban adventurer or a nature lover. Here, you can explore ancient ruins, wander through picturesque villages, or soak up the sun on the sandy beaches of the Suffolk coast. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, the East of England is a true gem that is just waiting to be discovered.

Cambridge is a must-visit destination in the East of England. The historic university town is home to numerous colleges and museums and is best explored on foot or by bicycle. Take a stroll through the city centre, visit the famous King’s College Chapel or take a punt along the River Cam. Cambridge is also known for its vibrant food and drink scene, with plenty of pubs, restaurants and cafes to choose from.

For a different kind of adventure, head to the Norfolk Broads, a network of waterways that offer picturesque views and tranquil boat rides. Rent a boat and explore the waterways at your own pace, or visit one of the charming villages that dot the landscape. The Broads are also home to a variety of wildlife, from otters to marsh harriers, making it a great destination for nature enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a seaside retreat, Suffolk’s coast offers sandy beaches, charming towns and excellent seafood. Visit Aldeburgh, a pretty coastal town known for its fish and chips, or Southwold, with its iconic beach huts and lighthouse. The Suffolk coast is also home to nature reserves and areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as the Suffolk Coast and Heaths and the Dunwich Heath.

For history buffs, the East of England offers plenty of options. Visit the ancient ruins of Bury St Edmunds Abbey, explore the Tudor architecture of Lavenham or learn about the region’s maritime past at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The region is also dotted with picturesque villages and towns, such as Long Melford, Dedham and Clare, that offer a glimpse into the country’s rural past.

Overall, the East of England offers a wealth of experiences for visitors, from historic towns to stunning landscapes to delicious food and drink. Whether you’re interested in history, nature or simply a relaxing getaway, this region is sure to delight.

Explore the East of England by bike

Cambridge is an excellent place to start your cycling adventure. This historic university town has many rental shops where you can get a bike and explore its famous colleges and museums. You can also take a scenic ride along the River Cam or venture out to Grantchester Meadows for a peaceful countryside experience.

If you’re looking for a more extended trip, head to the Norfolk Broads. This network of waterways is a cyclist’s paradise, with several cycling routes that wind through beautiful landscapes, quaint villages, and historic ruins. The area is relatively flat, making it an easy and enjoyable ride for all levels.

Suffolk is another great place for cycling enthusiasts. The coastal region boasts fantastic seaside paths, where you can take in stunning views of the North Sea. You can also explore the charming towns of Aldeburgh and Southwold, both of which offer plenty of pit stops for a bite to eat and a refreshing drink.

The East of England is full of hidden gems that are best explored by bike. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, this region has something for everyone. So, why not hop on your bike and discover the beauty of the East of England?

Boating holidays in the East of England

The East of England has a wealth of waterways that are ideal for boating holidays. One of the most popular destinations is the Norfolk Broads, which is a network of rivers and lakes that covers over 125 miles. Here you can cruise through stunning countryside, spot wildlife, and visit charming towns and villages.

Another great option is the River Thames, which runs through the East of England before flowing into London. Along its banks, you can explore historic towns such as Oxford, Henley-on-Thames, and Windsor, as well as beautiful countryside and stunning architecture.

If you’re looking for a more off-the-beaten-path experience, consider exploring the Fens, a vast area of wetlands that is crisscrossed by rivers and canals. This is a quieter and less crowded destination, but it offers stunning scenery and plenty of opportunities for boating and wildlife spotting.

Other waterways to consider include the River Stour, which flows through the countryside of Suffolk and Essex, and the River Waveney, which forms the border between Norfolk and Suffolk.

No matter where you choose to go, a boating holiday in the East of England is sure to be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Here are some fun things to do in the East of England

  • Visit the Norfolk Broads: Rent a boat or take a guided tour and explore the beautiful waterways of the Norfolk Broads.
  • Explore Cambridge: Take a stroll around the historic city of Cambridge, visit the famous colleges, go punting on the River Cam, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.
  • Visit the seaside: The East of England has a number of great seaside towns to explore, such as Great Yarmouth, Southwold, and Cromer.
  • Go wildlife spotting: Visit RSPB Minsmere nature reserve in Suffolk and spot some of the UK’s rarest wildlife, including otters, marsh harriers, and bitterns.
  • Discover the history of the region: There are plenty of historic sites to explore in the East of England, such as the beautiful Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire or the stunning Houghton Hall in Norfolk.
  • Go horse riding: Explore the countryside on horseback with one of the many riding schools in the region.
  • Enjoy some traditional British culture: Attend a village fete, country fair, or farmers’ market to experience some traditional British culture and local produce.
  • Visit a vineyard: The East of England has a growing reputation for its wines, with many vineyards offering tours and tastings.
  • Go cycling: There are plenty of cycling routes to explore in the East of England, such as the beautiful Boudicca Way in Norfolk.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride: See the stunning countryside from above with a hot air balloon ride over the East of England.


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