Put some adventure into your life with Deep Canyon and you’ll have hours of fun as you slide down smooth chutes carved out by the forces of nature, abseil down waterfalls and take a leap of faith off a cliff into the refreshing waters of the canyon! Canyoning is a great adventure activity full of varying challenges, amazing scenery and endless amounts of fun. Join Deep Canyon in Wanaka who can take you on a number of routes, perfect for people of all abilities. So whether it’s your first time or if you’re more experienced, there will be something perfectly suited to you to guarantee a great day out!

Where can I explore the wilderness in New Zealand?

Team up with Deep Canyon in Wanaka and plunge yourself into the action as you make your way through a watery canyon!

If you’re coming with kids, the Get Into It level is perfect for kids aged 12 and over and for beginners just starting out. Travel to the Niger Stream or Cross Creek to get started, and let the guides take you through the amazing landscape teaching you everything you need to know. If you think you have what it takes to try a more adept course, try the Step it Up level is ideal for kids aged 14 and up to get a more in-depth experience involving deeper and steeper inclines and abseiling down extreme waterfalls. And if you are an experienced adventurer, then the Go Big level is best suited for anyone with good fitness and water skills and an appetite for fun! Canyoning is an experience like no other, so add this to your Stack today!

  • Get Into It | $310 min 3 people | $370 min 2 people
  • Step it Up | $370 min 2 people
  • Go Big | $590 min 2 people
  • See website for seasonal bookings and locations


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