Want to try a new fun sport? The combination of two great sports, football and golf together creates the best game you will ever play. Play over 18 holes with a size 5 football. All you have to do is complete each hole, kick the football into the oversized golf cup using your feet, and take as few shots as possible. The great thing about footgolf is it requires a low skill level and it is suitable for all ages. The average round takes approximately one hour but if the opportunity arose you can go around again.

What group activities can I do in Armagh?

It's time to lace your boots up and head on down to Get Active ABC for a competitive day out of footgolf, perfect for any group day out, birthday or stag event.

Looking for a fun activity to do with your friends in Armagh? How about a competitive game of football golf, football golf can be played in groups of 4 people and there are 18 holes to shoot into. The games can be played at your own pace and you can add your own twists and rules to the games!

If you’re looking to have a weekend away, either with friends or with family, make sure that this is on your to-do list. Being only a short distance away from Belfast, you can be sure that there will be plenty to do as well as several options for accommodation.

  • Prices from £4 per person per round
  • Opening times are from 9 am till 8:45 pm on weekdays
  • Opening times are from 9 am till 4 pm on weekends
  • Competitions available
  • Located just 5 minutes outside of Armagh

Things to do in County Armagh