Forgotten World Adventures in North Island

If you love self-driving, then come along to Forgotten World Adventures where you can drive a rail cart along an amazing railway line over bridges and rivers, even though tunnels. Choose from many guided tours to match your needs, you can experience New Zealand’s landscapes by air, boat or drive around in the fabulous rail carts.

Where can I enjoy a day out with my family in New Zealand?

At Forgotten World Adventures you can have an amazing time with friends and family exploring ghost towns and learning about the history and amazing stories from the past.

Forgotten World Adventures is located on the Northern Island and close to Waltomo caves. Join the all-day tour and explore the beautiful landscapes by river in a jet boat, lunch snacks included. You can travel back in time with the Rhine of the Pacific 4-day tour, you will explore the Whanganui River as it was in the 19th century and learn many interesting facts.

  • If you want something for younger children then choose the Tokirima 10 tour.
  • Children will love the experience of riding a cart and going thought 10 unique tunnels.
  • You can choose a half or full day tour and enjoy the amazing scenery up close!


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