Calling all film buffs, creatives and the curious…. Your trip to Auckland is about to get gruesome! Have you ever wondered how the characters from your favourite films replicate such terrifying wounds? Well, At the Weta Workshop Unleashed, you can find out! Experience what it’s really like to work on practical effects in the film industry, where you’ll learn how to create authentic effects for a variety of scenes.

Where is Weta Workshop?

Weta Workshop's Auckland attraction is only a 10 minute walk from the cities central bus and train station, just under half a mile from Albert Park and Auckland University.

Weta Workshop Unleashed is an extension of Weta Cave in Wellington, the team behind practical effects in blockbuster films like Lord of the Rings – let your imagination go wild, in this thrilling and immersive journey through the fascinating world of film effects. Your experience begins by exploring 3 exciting, original film concepts. Scream through a horror film in a nail-biting experience, where you’ll squeeze through creature’s lairs and your guide will reveal all the tricks behind what makes great horror films so petrifying. Discover how the threads that spin the tales of your favourite fantasies are woven, walking among the worlds of the large, from Hobbits to Dinosaurs. Blast away into an unknown world in an intergalactic sci-fi adventure, uncovering the secrets behind the creation of robots and spaceships.

It’s then time to unleash your creative side, as you learn the tricks of delivering realistic prosthetic effects that’ll have friends and family cowering! Experience the thrill of being a hands-on practical artist, creating all sorts of ghastly effects under the guidance of expert crew members with years of industry experience. You’ll be provided with everything you need to craft your own spine-chilling effect!

This experience is a must for any film-buffs, or anyone who’s looking for a unique day out in Auckland.

  • Weta Workshop tour + Creative horror workshop experience starts at NZ$79.
  • Tours and Workshop experience can be booked separately from NZ$49.
  • Tour + Workshop lasts around 2 hr 30 mins.
  • Wheelchair accessible.

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